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Tom Davis attended Innovation in Instrument Making, IRCAM, Paris. June 2016
Tom Davis attended Silent Signal, Derby. Feb 2016
NonRecursive gig with David Borgo at Technologically Mediated Performance.  At Bournemouth Univeristy Jan 2016.
Tom Davis organised a symposium on Technologically Mediated Performance with Dr Paul Stapleton. Jan 2016.
Tom Davis presented at DMRN +10. Title: An Exploration of Technological Agency in Improvisation Contexts. Queen Mary University, London. Dec 2015.
Gig with NonRecursive. Bouremouth Emerging Arts Fringe. 15th Oct 2015. The Engine Room. Bournemouth.
Commissioned John Wynne for Contingencies Series. 23rd Feb - 13th March 2015. Organised with Ambrose Seddon and Bill Thompson.
Attended BLAST wrekshop facilitated by Paul Grojon: April 2015
Attended BLAST workshop on Projection Mapping Jan 2015
Performed at a Beamer Event curated by Bordem Research. Co-Lab. June 2014.
Ambiguous Devices Performance with Paul Stapleton at ReNew Copenhagen. Oct 2013
Ambiguous Devices Performance with Paul Stapleton at InTime Coventry. Oct 2013
Interactive Sound Installation with Curtis McKinney presented at Tiny Tate: Tate Britain 3rd Nov 2012

Liveness publication is published! Edited by Katy Connor and Tom Davis.
Tom Davis presented a poster 'Interfacing the Network: An Embedded Approach to Network Instrument Creation' at ICMC 2012 in Slovenia. Sept 2012

Ambiguous Devices was presented as a performance and installation at NIME 2012. (With Paul Stapleton) 21st - 23rd May 2012

Ambiguous Devices performance between Stanford and Bournemouth. 27th April 2012. (With Paul Stapleton)

LIVEness A one-day intensive multidisciplinary exchange laboratory, Bournemouth University.  Organised by Tom Davis and Katy Connor. 27th April 2012

Tom Davis attended the ARTAUD FORUM 2: Konnecting Gestures. International Conference-Workshop on Performance and Sound Technologies, Brunel University Sat 31st March 2012.
Tom Davis performed with the JacksOn4 at the Network Music Festival in Birmingham 28th Jan 2012
Tom Davis presented a paper entitled The Loop: A distributed instrument approach to networked performance. at the Symposium for Performance of Electronic and Experimental Music, 6-7 January 2012, University of Oxford. 
Working Title
Tom Davis has spent 14 days working at aspex in Portsmouth. Follow his progress on the blog here.

Ambiguous Devices
Paul Stapleton was at Bournemouth for a second workshop developing Ambiguous Devices. A web page for the project will be available soon.

Working Title
Tom Davis has been selected to take part in Working Title an exhibtion at aspex, Portsmouth. Davis will be working in the gallery 5th- 18th September 2011.

Jackson4 performance
'The Loop' at the NIME 2011 festival, Oslo, Norway.
31st May 2011.

Jackson4 performance
'The Loop' at art.on.wires festival, Oslo, Norway.
28th May 2011

Tom Davis attended the art.on.wires festival
25th - 29th May 2011

The Jackson4 performance
Co-Located: An evening of experimental network music.
Bournemouth University
14th May 2011

Tom Davis is involved in the NetChimes project: a collection of wind actuated instruments, distributed throughout the Earth, which are capable of sending and receiving state information via OSC (the Open Sound Control protocol) over wide area networks (viz., the Internet).
Sonoroties 2010. s o u n d i n g / t h e / n e t
4th-7th November 2010
Tom Davis attended Sonorities 2010, SARC Belfast.


Tom Davis' thesis abstract has been chosen for inclusion in Leonardo Abstracts Service Database and as one of the top reviewed entries will be published in an edition of Leonardo Electronic Almanac.
"Flow: the musical boat race" a new work commissioned by SCAN was shown as part of Public Domain in Bournemouth's Lower Gardens  17th and 18th June 2010. Full details at http://bournemouthsummerlive.co.uk/public-domain.php
Artists: Tom Davis, Curtis McKinney and Alain Renaud.

The audio from Tom Davis' sound installation 'Bus Stop' has been selected for inclusion in the online exhibition Location Location curated by Stramash. Available online 14/02/10 - 31/03/10.
mo gig Music Orbit Series 1:Showcase 2.
Tom Davis performed with Cross-Pollination at mO showcase at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London.

2nd December 2009.

Outside the Box: practice, participation and method in live electronic music
Attended Outside the Box a one day postgraduate conference at City University London.
TDavis took part in a improvisation workshop.

16th November 2009.

Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey
Presented Installation Ordnance Survey at the Hilltown House New Music Festival, Ireland.
With Nick Ward

18th- 19th July 2009.
Installation developed in a residency the previous week at Hilltown House.

Invited Seminar
Davis presented a Seminar at the University of East Anglia.

30th March 2009.

  Artists' led tour
Tom Davis took part in Artists' led tour. Oxford Contemporary. OVADA. Oxford.

28th Feb 2009.


Bus Stop
Davis's site-specific installation Bus Stop was shown at the Oxford Contemporary Exhibition, OVADA gallery, Oxford.
6th Feb 09 - 21st March
See Bustop Website

Sound:Space 2008

Davis attended Sound:Space Symposium, Bracknell. 

ICMC 2008

Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

Davis presented the poster 'Cross-Pollination: Towards an Aesthetics of the Real'

See publications page for download

Rules and Regs

In association with aspace, Southampton
(Performed with Jason Dixon)

A series of Live Art performances 

29th June - 1st July 2008.  

Hear an example of the performance


2nd Outing , 26th - 30th November 2007

Catalyst Arts

Part of FIX 07

Radio Streams, 19th- 24th November, Enaction in Arts, Grenoble.

with Sile O'Modhrain.

Premiere of Installation.

Fort de la Bastille, Grenoble. Part of Enaction 2007.

Performance Systems: Virtual/Physical Feedback

Thursday 8th November, Norwich Arts Centre

Part of Aurora

Cross-Pollination Thursday 13th September :: 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Premiere of Installation

SARC Sonic Lab
Admission Free

JDTJDJ Thursday 2nd August :: 7.00pm - 11.00pm

The Flea Pit
49 Columbia Road
London E2 7RG
Admission Free

JDTJDJ Sunday 24th June :: 7.30pm - Late

SAN Expo Late
The White Rabbit
Exeter Street
Admission Free

Disparate Bodies - NIME, NYU, 7th June 2007

with Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder, Mark Applebaum, Alain Renau and Tom Davis

share, NYC, 3rd June 2007

Tom Davis joined the laptop jam at share, ReBoot, New York

JDTJDJ 'DSP Specialists' (Sun 22nd April, 2007)

for a performance of Marc AppleBaum's Plundergraphic

Part of the Sonorities Festival, 2007.

JDTJDJ Gig. (Sat 21st April, 2007)

Saturday 21st April :: 10pm - Late
Sonorities Club Night

Part of the Sonorities Festival, 2007.

SARC's Sonic Lab

JDTJDJ Gig. (Wed 18th April, 2007)

Wednesday 18th April :: 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Wasted Music, Abundant Sonorities
Sonic Laboratory

Part of 'Waste and Abundance'

Attendance at EvoMUSART 2007,Valencia.(11th- 13th April, 2007)

Will present paper 'Environments for Sonic Ecologies'

Upcoming JDTJDJ Gig. (Wed 4th March, 2007)

The Late Shift, Sainsbury Centre, Norwich. 5-8 pm

Discovering Queens Workshop. (1st March 2007)

Facilitated Improvisation with Alain Renaud.

Presented Seminar at UEA, Norwich. (26th Feb, 2007)

'Tom, his thought and work'

LAM meeting. Goldsmiths College, London. (18th - 19th December, 2006)

Presented talk: Environmental Context in Live Algorithms, 'Excuse Me'.

‘Hearing the lines you drew and the colours you spread’

A collaborative project by Adinda van't Klooster.

Improvised sound/music produced with Jason Dixon.

A JDTJDJ production.

Discovering Queens Workshop. 14th Nov 2006

48 Speakers, 20 Minutes, 15 Participants, 4 Instruments, 1 Collective Improvisation.

with Alain Renaud.


BLISS gig at Catalyst Arts as part of the Bring the Noise Festival and The Belfast Festival at Queens

BLISS on this occasion were represented by Tom Davis, Jason Dixon, Alain Renaud, Pedro Rebleo, Chris McClelland, Miguel Perez, Florian Hollerweger, Kasia Glowicka, Henry Vega, Cavan Fayans and Robyn Price.

Hardware Hacking workshop II. 27th Oct

Run by Jason Dixon with minimal assistance from Tom Davis

Jason ran the workshop whilst Tom attempted some blind, live hacking with a variety of results!

Premiere of Cyclesonic. Monday 16th – Sunday 29th October

Bring the Noise

At Catalyst Arts in association with the Belfast Festival at Queens

See installation page for more details

BLISS: Dixon Benefit Gig. Sonic Lab. (25th Sep 2006)

Bye Bye Jason.

Sounding Out 3. University of Sunderland 7th - 9th September 2006

Presented paper 'Designing Mimetic Cultures in Sound'

Premiere of 'Excuse Me!' @ ICAD 2006, Queen Mary University, London. 20th - 23rd June 2006

Installation ran for the duration of the conference.

The Electronic Hammer + BLISS, part of Visonic Festival,(29th May, 2006)

The Electronic Hammer are - henry vega , diego espinosa and juan parra.

BLISS on this occasion were represented by:

Jason Dixon(laptop + radio), Tom Davis(laptop + mini marshal), and Chris McCelland(visuals). DOWNLOAD mp3 19.3MB

There was also a performance by BLISS + juan parra showcasing the frequencyilator by Alain Renaud.

Hardware Hacking Workshop, part of Visonic Festival,(29th May, 2006)

Run by Jason Dixon and Tom Davis

BLISS: The Lagan Boat Tour, part of Sonorities Festival,(28th Arpil, 2006) and Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival 2006

Performers were, Jason Dixon, Jason Geistweidt , Tom Davis, Phillip the Boatman and the Mini Marshall !!

BLISS Breakout Gig.(24th March, 2006)

BLISS fist performance outside the walls of the University. Event hosted by the Knights of the Round Table, Belfast based Arts collective.

Transcontinental Trad (9th March, 2006)

Intercontinental traditional Irish Music between Belfast (SARC), Stanford (CCRMA), and Seattle.

LAM meeting. Goldsmiths College, London. (19th - 20th December, 2005)

Presented talk: Emergence in Sound.


Generative Arts Conference 2005, Milan, Italy.(15th - 17th December, 2005)

Presented paper: Natural Selection: A Stethoscopic Amphibious Installation, Tom Davis and Pedro Rebelo

Bliss Gig performance as part of the QUB live at Lunchtime Series. (8th December, 2005)

Premiere of Network performance piece.

Bliss Website

Premiere of Installation 'Natural Selection' at the Música Viva Festival, Portugal(17th - 24th Sept 2005)

Also presented Software 'Sonic Swarm' as part of SARC software demo.

BLISS performance with The Bent Leather Band (13th Sept 2005)

Participants Joanne Cannon and Stuart Favilla (The Bent Leather Band) as well as Jason Dixon, Chris McCelland and Tom Davis (BLISS).

ICMC 2005: Barcelona (Sept 2005)

Presented poster: Hearing Emergence: Towards Sound Based Self Organisation, Tom Davis and Pedro Rebelo.

Demo Session: iLearn: An iTunes Audio Indexing Plug-In for Education, G.McAllister, P.s.Taylor and M.Rogers


Electronic Jam Session: Sonorities Festival (1st May 2005)

Participants included Christopher McCelland, Tom Davis, Albert Ortega and Hannes Raffaseder

Auto Route#2: The Lagan Boat Tour: Sonorities Festival (29th April 2005)

Auto-Route#2 by Martin Parker (operated by Tom Davis) has been engineered to work with a voice in noisy environments. The system strips silence out of sentences and stores the remaining sound in a database.   These words are then re-sequenced automatically to create a new sentences and new meanings, while the punctuated silences are modified to create a spontaneous, rhythmic background.

Fruit Music @ The Market : Sonorities Festival (29th April 2005)

An improvisation facilitated by Franziska Schroeder with John Kenny and Tom Davis.

XS -XX -XL (Feb 2005)

Collective improvisation facilitated by John Bowers

The One Smart Space, Vienna (Nov 2004)

Installation of the Beat Jigsaw at The One Smart Space, Vienna, for a corporate event.

Submerge Show, Bristol (July 2004)

Installation of the Beat Jigsaw at Submerge Festival Bristol