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As shown at Public Domain, Bournemouth Lower Gardens.
Commissioned by SCAN. Created by Tom Davis, Curtis McKinney and Alain Renaud. 

Later version commisioned by Tate Brtiain by Tom Davis and Curtis Mckinney.
Flow shown at Public Domain July 2010.
 Flow is a highly participative piece of interactive art based around Bourne Stream running through Bournemouth's Lower Gardens. You are invited to compose your own piece of music by dropping floats into the stream and watching them move downstream. As the floats are carried away by the current they will move past sensors and trigger sounds. By timing the release of several floats you will be able to alter the density and frequency of the sounds being triggered and thus compose your own musical piece. You can also track your boat's progress via a camera and a visual representation on the park's big screen. Why not race a friends boat down the stream whilst creating your own individual musical accompaniment?
Flow uses Ardunio , Supercolider and sensor technology.
A new version of Flow was commisioned for Tiny Tate at Tate Britain Oct 2012.