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Groups I am affiliated with -

Live Algorithms for Music (LAM)

International Computer Music Association

BLISS - Belfast Legion of Improvised Sights and Sounds

Sonic Arts Research Centre

School of Music and Sonic Arts, Queens University Belfast


Some members of BLISS -

Jason Dixon, Kasia Glowicka, Henry Vega Miguel Ortiz


Projects I'm involved with -

Network Performance with Alain Renaud.

Royal Victoria Hospital Sound Installation

JDTJDJ - Live performance with Jason Dixon


Festivals I have been involved with -

Visonic Festival

Sonorities Festival

Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Música Viva Festival

Submerge, Bristol


Some of the people I have been fortunate enough to share a stage with -

The Bent Leather Band

The Electronic Hammer


Other people worth checking out -

Gavin Morris