Climate Chaos, News Bubbles and Algorithmic Toxicity

In development with Nicholas Ward

Binaural rendition of proposed installation

The internet has enabled a democratisation and decentralisation of knowledge. The proliferation of online communities has created echo-chambers where our beliefs and opinions are reinforced but rarely challenged. Opaque Algorithms proposition us, guiding our reading and watching. Shaping our opinions in subtle and not so subtle ways. These structures can magnify and reinforce prejudices through the omission of counter arguments. “Truth” in these scenarios becomes a subjective, socially constructed concept supported by misinformation and lies. 

This work explores this notion of truth in the postdigital age by focusing on the unfolding Climate Crisis. How are our opinions formed, our concerns and fears manipulated. How can what to many is an existential crisis be to so many more a non-issue?

Through recorded interviews and existing news footage we examine the motivations of activists and scientists who are actively involved in protesting climate change and alongside these the reaction of citizens for whom the crisis is not a major concern or who are ambivalent to it. Through walking through the sonic space you can navigate through differing opinions on climate change. Your spatial location affects the sounds played to your bone conducting headphones such that they represent an inner monologue of changing views shaped by your journey.